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Luxembourg, 28 July 2014

Fraudulent “pet shipping” emails and online scams

It has come to our attention that the Cargolux name and logo has been used lately in several fraudulent schemes proposing transportation services for pets or motor vehicles for individuals. Some examples of scam messages include:
- “Flight details for your Siberian husky puppies”
- “Pending shipping and payment notification of your male (kiki) Siberian husky puppy to be delivered to your home today”
- “Pomeranian puppy (pet insurance)”
- “Cargolux Guarantee Program, USA” (motor vehicle)

A website operating under the URL and claiming to be “The Cargolux Pet Shipping Agency” is also a scam.

The fraudsters often require payment via Western Union to beneficiaries in Africa or by Reloadit cards.

These emails are not from Cargolux and we are not in any way working with or connected to the organizers of these fraudulent schemes, which constitute unauthorized uses of our company name, trademarks and imagery. Cargolux does not provide such services to the general public, neither under its own name or via specialized “pet shipping agencies”. We accept no liability whatsoever for any claim in relation to such scams.

We recommend that you act with great caution before ordering any transportation service. Please see below some suggestions to help you spot a scam email or website:

- Double check the email address. At first glance, fraudulent messages can look like they are from Cargolux, but on closer inspection are from gmail, Hotmail or another public email account. For example,, or are not genuine Cargolux email addresses.
- Double check the URL of websites and links. Scam sites often have long addresses using special characters like &^%%%&*$£”.
- Look for grammar and spelling mistakes. Scam emails are often electronically translated from different languages, resulting in obvious spelling errors and odd sentence structures.