Plane design

What do you get when you cross a passion for aircraft with artistic talent? The answer is simple, a fantastic collaboration between Luxembourg-based artist Jacques Schneider and Cargolux to create a line of accessories and items made from re-purposed cargo straps!

Luxembourg-based artist Jacques Schneider is known in the Grand-Duchy for his love of upcycling and passion for locally sourced materials. He is also an aviation enthusiast who got his certificate of initiation to aeronautics at 15 years old before dedicating his life to art. Although worlds apart in theory, the combination of Jacques’ creative mind and Cargolux’s discarded cargo straps gave rise to a fascinating project “Cargolux inspire Jacques Schneider” - Cargolux inspires Jacques Schneider.

When Jacques approached the airline, he was unsure of what material exactly he would inherit and what pieces could be created but he was determined to make it a success. “Creating items, works of art, or clothing from recycled material and developing circular economy, ethical labels, and local production is very close to my heart. My team and I are proud of integrating a Luxembourg-based company such as Cargolux into this project and promoting such a refreshing collection,” Jacques explains.

The airline donated a total of 1700 cargo straps to the artist who plans to integrate not only the straps themselves, but also their metal fasteners into the designs. In addition to the aesthetic dimension, each piece will therefore have unique features and an interesting back story.

In addition to his passion for all things Luxembourgish and keen interest in the world of flying, the artist is also committed to supporting charitable actions. The proceeds of the Cargolux capsule collection will be donated to the Grand-Duke and Grand-Duchess’ foundation and to the Stand, Speak, Rise Up organization which defends women’s rights worldwide.