Be compliant

As a cargo airline operating worldwide, Cargolux needs to be careful what we ship, where it comes from, where it goes, and who receives the goods. 

Cargolux places foremost importance in working with partners who share the same level of ethical engagement! 

Working in an ethical and compliant environment has never been as important as it is now, in the globalization context.
Javier Coto, Vice President, Compliance and Ethics Management

The Vetting Process-Logistics with integrity

As a crucial actor in the supply chain Cargolux puts foremost importance in identifying the commodities that fly onboard its aircraft to make sure they are shipped with all documentary requirements in accordance with legal and commercial frameworks.

Stringent measures and compulsory checkpoints are the acceptance and booking process to make sure Cargolux knows exactly what commodities are being shipped across its network.

An Export Controls vetting system has been implemented to ensure that the goods transported are compliant with Export Control regulations and to confirm that shipments possess all required licenses and permits. Cargolux grants particular attention to three shipment types:

  1. Shipments containing weapons, military equipment, dual-use goods (including civil aircraft parts) and shipments for armed forces (army or police).
  2. Shipments to countries subject to embargoes and sanctions. As a reminder, Cargolux does not accept shipments related in any possible way to Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba.
  3. Shipments related in any possible way to black-listed entities or subject to sanctions by UN, US, and the EU.

The process

  1. The customer notifies at time of quotation or booking any shipment or consolidation, falling under the three categories  mentioned above. 
  2. Cargolux checks the export controls standards of its customers to make sure they are fit and adapted to our own standards throughout the KYC process
  3. A Shipment Integrity Monitoring system screening all HAWB is in place. This system flags shipments with suspected findings (detected without proper notification at time of booking or after reception). The relevant shipment may be blocked until all open questions and required documents have been provided. Cargolux may even reject shipments at its own discretion


Know Your Customer Process

Cargolux has heavily invested in electronic systems and qualified personnel to make sure that it complies with applicable export controls regulations at all times. Compliance is a team-effort and therefore, full compliance can only be achieved through the optimal coordination of shipper, forwarder, airline, and consignee.

In order to reach that level of coordination, it is crucial that these stakeholders share similar principles and values when it comes to export controls compliance.

Therefore, in 2021, Cargolux launched the KYC initiative which constitutes the first attempt in the industry to set up some minimum standards for the cooperation of an airline and the forwarders in this field.

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