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Cargolux’s operational realm covers multiple sectors, each requiring a diverse set of skills.

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Explore new career opportunities with Europe’s leading cargo airline and enjoy a multi-cultural work environment within a worldwide team of passionate experts. Take a look and the various divisions within the company and find the sector that suits your ambitions.

Running a global operation seamlessly requires a broad range of positions and people with multiple talents and skills. Cargolux offers many different roles in the exciting and engaging world of air cargo.


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Teams & roles

Corporate & Administration
Cargolux’s Corporate & Administration division includes the financial and project management offices, IT, Human Resources, and a number of support departments that enable the company to run and develop smoothly. This vital component of the organization counts offices at the Headquarter in Luxembourg as well as around the globe to ensure all stations function at an optimal level.
Maintenance & Engineering
The Cargolux Maintenance & Engineering division is responsible for the upkeep of the company’s fleet. The 30 Boeing 747 jumbo jets require continuous attention to ensure the highest safety standards are upheld at all times. The dedicated team of experts not only ensure the fleet is airworthy, they also explore solutions to optimize aircraft efficiency and enhance flight operations.
Global Logistics
The Cargolux Global Logistics Division offers tailor-made logistics solutions to customers from around the globe. The division comprises a variety of activities from trucking operations to cargo and aircraft handling. This global multi-national team of logistics and ground operations experts covers the company’s two main hubs in Luxembourg & Zhengzhou, as well as over 80 stations around the globe. The team works hand-in-hand to ensure a smooth flow of goods tailored to individual customer requirements and executed in compliance with national and international regulations.
Flight Operations
With 700 employees, the Cargolux Flight Operations Division is the largest division in the company. Its core mission is to plan and execute the actual flight in a safe and compliant manner. All aspects of a flight: crewing, overflight permissions, flight planning and operational control are provided on a 24/7 base supported by a few back-office functions.
Sales & Marketing
As Europe’s number one all-cargo airline, Cargolux is committed to delivering service excellence for its global customer base. The Sales & Marketing division is tasked with the challenging and riveting job of filling the aircraft while ensuring flawless customer service. The team of highly experienced professionals bolster the company’s reputation for quality through their commitment and inter-personal skills.


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