SpeakUp Hotline

Report a non-compliance concern

The Cargolux Code of Conduct & Ethics reflects our commitment to a strong ethical culture in how we conduct our business. Our SpeakUp Hotline is therefore a system enabling us to listen to anyone along our supply chain who would report any non-compliance concern.

We encourage our employees and business partners to speak up if they notice any incidents of harassment, discrimination, abuse of power, bullying, fraud, corruption, conflict of interest or any other violation of laws. This includes any behaviors that go against our Code of Conduct & Ethics.

Before contacting us via our SpeakUp Hotline, we encourage you to consider whether you can directly raise your concern with someone at Cargolux. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, or do not know whom to contact, you can make a report to Cargolux using our SpeakUp Hotline.

Cargolux Hotline will be routed to SpeakUp, an independent third-party host for our hotline.

How to use SpeakUp

Here you will find all the information you need to SpeakUp about non-compliance, 24/7, 365 days a year.

  1. Submit your report via a webform or call a toll-free number to leave a message.
  2. Include a detailed description of your concern (who, what, when, how) and add supporting evidence, e.g., copies of documents or names of witnesses, that can corroborate your report. Please note that general assertions cannot be investigated.
  3. Once you have submitted your report, you will receive an individual case number. You will need this number each time you access the system.
  4. We take all non-compliance concerns seriously and will carry out the appropriate action on each report. We will keep you informed on our progress accordingly.
  5. You can track progress by going back into the website using your case number.

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The organization code: 106300

What happens next

  1. Once you have submitted your report, we will acknowledge receipt within 7 natural days. If your initial report does not include enough information/evidence allowing us to start the investigation, you will be asked to provide more information.
  2. Each report is reviewed carefully by our Compliance & Ethics team in charge of receiving these reports.
  3. An investigation would be carried out, involving the departments who have a direct link to the submitted allegations by maintaining the strictest confidentiality. Our Compliance & Ethics team may conduct confidential interviews with employees, contractors or anybody they feel is relevant to the investigation.
  4. As a general practice, it takes around 90 days for an investigation to be concluded. However, we may need more time for complex matters.
  5. After reviewing all the findings of the investigation, we will decide if any further action needs to be taken. We will endeavor to keep you updated on the status of your report although, for confidentiality reasons, details of the investigation or outcome may not be shared with you.

Cargolux prohibits any retaliation against an employee, individual or entity who has made a report in good faith and in the reasonable belief that it tends to show malpractice or impropriety.