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Flight Operations

Crew Control

A Crew Controller maintains the day-to-day crew roster, ensuring that all Cargolux and Cargolux affiliated flights are correctly crewed in accordance with the both aviation and company laws, regulations and procedures.

Main responsibilities:

  • deal with unforeseen circumstances in a legal, safe and cost effective manner
  • liaise with all crew
  • communicate all changes to stations for hotel and transport amendments
  • liaise with all Cargolux departments
  • book hotel and tickets for charter flights

Flight Operations Support

Whether a flight can be performed safely and in the most efficient conditions depends on a number of significant factors that must be under control from the initial planning until the aircraft is parked at its destination. The Flight Operations Support Department's role is to coordinate all these technical and operational factors such as the weather, overflight permits, route planning, aircraft performance, airport facilities, the aircraft’s technical condition or fuel requirements. The department has a key role within the company.

The Flight Operations Support department is composed of:

  • Flight Dispatch
  • Operations Control
  • Navigation
  • Performance
  • Landing and Overflight Permits

Flight Dispatch

Main responsibilities:

  • to ensure a safe and efficient daily flight planning,
  • to provide the crew with optimized flight plans and up-to-date flight documentation,
  • to provide crew briefings on all operational matters,
  • to provide (file or delay) authorities and air traffic control agencies with the most up to date ATC flight plans,
  • to ensure adherence to relevant regulations and operational procedures during the flight planning,
  • to ensure that the flight is planned in accordance with operation manuals, the actual and forecast weather situation and the serviceability of essential enroute and terminal facilities.

Operations Control

Main responsibilities:

  • to maintain the daily integrity of the company’s flight program,
  • to monitor the fleet in order to assure safe and efficient operations of the Cargolux fleet,
  • to ensure adherence to relevant regulations and operational procedure during all operational phases,
  • to maintain a continuous and accurate picture of the position and technical status of all aircraft,
  • to maintain up-to-date awareness of the actual and forecast weather situation enroute and the serviceability of essential enroute and terminal facilities affecting the operated route,
  • to ensure adherence to relevant regulations and procedures, including flight time limitations (in coordination with crew control) in the planning and operational phases,
  • to initiate remedial actions in the case of potential or actual disruptions in order to keep or bring back the fleet to the initial schedule program,
  • to take the lead in case of flight disruption,
  • to initiate the emergency procedure, in case of accidents or incidents involving Cargolux aircraft.


Main responsibilities:

  • route analysis, aerodrome reviews and navigation charting and aeronautical services information,
  • to provide commercial departments with city pair operating costs and maximum payload studies for scheduled and ad hoc flights,
  • to continously identify routes improvements,
  • to analyze and optimize new future routings,
  • to ensure accurate route planning data is available in the flight planning system,
  • to liaise with State providers on queries regarding content of State publication(s), ie NOTAMs AIPs,
  • to assist the flight dispatchers in obtaining aeronautical information with the appropriate service unit.


Main responsibilities:

  • to provide aircraft performance technical support for the flight operations,
  • to maintain the Boeing onboard take-off and landing performance software tools by way of database management,
  • to analyze and design the runway take-off and landing obstacle clearance procedures,
  • to monitor and analyze enroute performance data (Flight Data Monitoring),
  • to perform fuel mileage monitoring for the fleet,
  • to perform fuel usage monitoring.

Landing & Overflight Permits

Main responsibilities:

  • to secure the overflights and seasonal traffic rights for the summer/winter timetables,
  • to arrange with other countries' authorities the seasonal (winter/summer), charter and daily changes for landing rights and overflight permits for the company's worldwide network schedule,
  • to provide the commercial departments with call signs in accordance with the sector operated.

Flight Operations Publications

The flight operation editors are responsible for the revision and electronic production of Flight Operations' technical manuals, corporate manuals and flight crew training manuals and documentation for Cargolux and Cargolux Italia that are required for the continuous operation of the fleet. These manuals are created using Adobe Acrobat Frame Maker software in conjunction with a Boeing application to produce either pdf or xml data. The editors work in conjunction with the technical pilots and Operations and Flight Crew Training Management to maintain these manuals and documents in order to ensure that they adhere to the latest company and aviation regulations and procedures.

The editors administer the fleet’s onboard electronic flight bags by producing and uploading the latest digital content on a weekly basis using the Boeing Jeppesen EFB Configuration Administration Tool (CAT) and distributing them via the Data Distribution Management (DDM) server.

Main responsibilities:

  • to produce, revise, control and maintain operations manuals that reflect the latest procedures by working with subject matter experts: technical pilots, chief pilot, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Performance,
  • to provide electronic data for the electronic flight bag on board of the Cargolux and Cargolux Italia aircraft,
  • to administer the content of the electronic flight bag,
  • to administer the Boeing Jeppesen Data Distribution Management applications and the EFB Configuration Administration Tool,
  • to create and administer Jeppesen E-Link users and groups,
  • to provide administrative assistance to the chief pilot and chief technical pilot , e.g.; flight crew advisories,
  • to produce paper and electronic manuals for the DACL.