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Luxembourg is the maintenance base for the Cargolux fleet. Our state of the art twin-bay widebody hangar is located on the south side of the airport. This modern two-bay hangar offers room for two Boeing 747-size widebody aircraft and includes all necessary workshops for a full maintenance service.

It allows Cargolux Maintenance and Engineering to have the necessary high-tech tools and environment to maintain its growing modern fleet and strengthens its maintenance capabilities for our third party maintenance customers.

The building is 200 meters wide, 90 meters deep and 42 meters high. Its striking architecture has turned it into one of Luxembourg’s new landmarks. The facility is also one of the buildings with the largest volume in the Grand-Duchy.

Maintenance control centre

Our 24/7 Maintenance Control group keeps a vigil on the fleet and organizes AOG recovery teams at a moment's notice whenever required. These services are also available to our maintenance customers based on our capability.

A full summary of Cargolux’s maintenance capabilities is available here.

Shop Facilities

Since the outset of Cargolux Airlines we have had a full complement of support shops. These are located within the maintenance hangars, which is convenient for the line and hangar support. Shop capability includes dedicated component work and general fleet maintenance support as specialized well-equipped emergency backup for line and hangar operations.

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