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Solid procedures, stringent standards, and an end-to-end temperature-controlled process ensure your pharma products reach their destination in optimal condition.

Many items, such as household goods, medical equipment, and automobile or aircraft spare parts contain a variety of potentially hazardous substances. Cargolux applies strict procedures throughout the transport process to deliver these shipments safely.

Our expertise

Global team of dedicated pharma experts.

GDP certification

Cargolux aircraft and pharma hub in Luxembourg are GDP certified, along with numerous GHAs' across the network.

Adapted handling

Non-temperature and temperature-specific handling in pharma facilities.

Non-temperature and temperature-specific handling in pharma facilities.

Flexible B747 fleet adapted to transport your pharmaceuticals in desired temperature range.


Mixed with other cargo or exclusive build-up to suit your needs.

Pallet covering and netting

Standard non thermal or temperature-controlled.

Suitable equipment

Active containers, passive containers, thermal dollies and covers.

Minimal tarmac exposure time

Just 108m between truck and aircraft in the Luxembourg hub.

Global coverage

Airport-to-airport service, complemented by direct pick up and/or delivery upon request.

Extensive Road Feeder Service

Standard and exclusive temperature-controlled trucking.

Other optional features

Refill of dry-ice, exchange of container batteries, and temperature follow up and investigation.

Active Tracking Devices

Temperature sensitive shipments tracking throughout the journey. The list of active tracking devices accepted can be found in the list below.

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