CV jumbo

A dedicated team of experts and nose-door loading capability are essential requirements to successfully transport your outsize, heavy, or irregular cargo.

Loading and off-loading procedures can be complex for jumbo shipments. Cargolux’s experience and high standards guarantee your peace of mind for these intricate projects.

Our expertise

Experts in handling your jumbo shipments.

Feasibility study

Shipment analysis including the possibility of factory or manufacturer premises visit to evaluate suitable solutions.

Operational diligence

Dedicated handling and storage area.

Customer supervision

Ramp access during on and offload where feasible.

Nose door loading capability

Network-wide B747 fleet fitted to uplift cargo up to 50 meters in length.

Global coverage

Airport-to-airport service, complemented by direct pick up and/or delivery.

Purpose-built modelling software

3D simulation program for bespoke loading options.

Going the extra mile

Whether additional ground time or first time challenges, Cargolux takes pride in exceeding your expectations.

Specialized tools

Use of purpose-designed equipment in line with the non standard nature of the commodity.

Check flight connections

Our worldwide offices