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Global Logistics

Import / Export 

The import agent controls and monitors the movement of cargo coming into Luxembourg and its redistribution within the Cargolux European network. In contrast, the export agent monitors the entire export process of cargo leaving Luxembourg by initiating and organizing all required actions and documents and provides customer service in regards to export freight.

Main responsibilities:

  • to plan and monitor cargo flows to / through / from Luxembourg hub and the entire network,
  • to coordinate operations with Cargolux departments, stations and handling agents,
  • to react to customers’ requirements and provide customer support.

At our Import and Export Department, you will gain a deep knowledge of cargo operations in general and in particular the Cargolux procedures.

Global Transportation Management

The Global Transportation Department ensures that Cargolux has a cost effective trucking services in place that extends its aircraft network and provides the required level of service in support of the customers' requirements. The department coordinates and decides on the global selection of contracted providers and contracting standards, while arranging the planning and dispatch of goods flows through Luxembourg around the clock. It also coordinates handling and customer assistance. 

Ground Engineering

The Cargolux Ground Engineering Department is a team of specialists dedicated to delivering the highest possible level of excellence to our customers. The ground engineers take care of establishing and conveying the technical knowledge regarding the transport of special cargo, such as heavy and off size or temperature sensitive, as well as technical ground operations, such as weight and balance or aircraft systems, to both external customers and internal Cargolux departments. With their expertise and technical know-how, they ensure that Cargolux is meeting all legal and safety requirements in terms of aircraft loading while, at the same time, ensuring that we can deliver our promise: “You name it, we fly it!”. Whether heavy oil-drilling equipment weighing up to 50metric tons, very sensitive and light-weight cargo like the Solar Impulse or pharmaceutics requiring a defined temperature range, Cargolux Ground Engineering is providing their technical expertise to make it happen.

Main responsibilities:

  • to establish and convey technical knowledge regarding the transport of heavy and outsized cargo, as well as technical ground operations (weight and balance, aircraft systems),
  • to understand responsibilities involved with the transportation of heavy and outsized cargo, including risk evaluation and proposal of mitigation actions,
  • to maintain proficiency with regulatory (FAA, EASA), manufacturers (Boeing) and industry requirements,
  • to evaluate loadability requests from customers,
  • to provide the Cargolux network and internal departments with expertise and technical support,
  • to provide shoring or loading schemes for heavy cargo,
  • to provide loading and restraining scheme for heavy/overhang cargo,
  • to coordinate aircraft systems related projects (e.g. environmental control system, cargo loading and restraint system),
  • to provide technical data and evaluations, such as statistics.

Load Control

The Load Control Department is a crucial link between Cargolux Flight Operations, Ground Operations, the sales organization and Maintenance. The cargo loading of Boeing 747 freighters is a complex and demanding task that requires a highly skilled and trained workforce to comply with all safety and legal requirements and, at the same time, deliver a state-of-the-art service to our customers. The Load Control Department is taking care of the requirements of each individual shipment, be it pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods, heavy and oversize or live animals. The team is responsible for the proper distribution of the cargo on the aircraft and contributes to our on-time performance with quick, safe and organized turn-arounds. All possible efforts are undertaken to meet the expectations of our customers.

Main responsibilities:

  • to coordinate the timely availability of the required equipment and pallets for loading with Ground Handling,
  • to control the palletizing of special cargo like cars or heavy and oversized,
  • to coordinate with Warehouse Control, Import and Export services and the Hub Steering Center,
  • to coordinate flight related data with Flight and Ground Operations,
  • to provide network support to internal and external customers,
  • to assure a safe working environment on the ground and on board of the aircraft,
  • to occasionally fly with the aircraft to charter destinations, respectively prepare flights at charter destinations and assist stations for turn around.

Ramp and Hub Steering Center

The Ramp and Hub Steering Department is planning and steering the overall Luxembourg hub activity with Luxair and all other Cargolux departments (Load Control, Export, Import, Trucking, Maintenance, Flight Operations Support, Network Management, etc.) in order to optimize the on-time performance of our flights and trucking services. 

From the newly created Hub Steering Center located at the LuxairCargo Center the Cargolux hub steering coordinator has to ensure:

  • the proper planning of overall handling activities at Luxembourg Hub,
  • the optimal use of resources (personnel, equipment and infrastructure) in coordination with the Luxair hub steering coordinator (implant),
  • that a tailor-made IT tool is permanently and correctly updated for proper Luxembourg hub activity planning, coordination and monitoring,
  • initiation of appropriate steering measures whenever the situation deviates from the planning,
  • the adherence to principle guidelines of hub operation as well as to Cargolux performance targets and steering decisions taken by the Hub Steering Center,
  • the optimal coordination of ramp activities and aircraft turnaround,
  • the evaluation of key performance indicators for continuous improvement of the hub activities.