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CV Power

Did you know that Cargolux regularly carries large aircraft engines to Boeing in Seattle, including those that power its own, dedicated fleet of 747 freighters?

Did you know that major car manufacturers rely on Cargolux’s proven expertise to fly valuable proto-types across the world?

Did you know that, every day, high-precision engines and machines are entrusted to the experienced hands of Cargolux?

If you’re in the business that powers this world, Cargolux is your perfect vehicle. We have a dedicated team that creates solutions where others see problems. We have dedicated aircraft that are purpose-built for cargo. We have the passion that drives an industry. We have a commitment to quality. We have the tools and the expertise. We have attention to detail. Cargolux has the power.

Peace of mind

The handling of valuable cars, prototypes or even large helicopters requires the proper infrastructure and know-how. In order to ensure a fast and safe delivery, airlines need complete dedication to this unconventional type of transportation and customers are quick to identify a professional partner. Your peace of mind is our highest priority and we recognize the key requirements for delivering excellence in the handling of engine powered commodities.

  • Dedicated, experienced and highly trained staff
  • Dedicated storage, offloading & handling areas
  • Modern 747 fleet with nose-door and large side door loading capabilities for bulky shipments
  • Automated shipment tracking

This unique combination of strengths allows us to position ourselves as a foremost player in the engine-powered cargo market.

A dedicated team

Cargolux has gained extensive expertise in the engine powered items and has

  • Careful planning of every engine powered shipment by a team of specialists in close coordination with the key departments involved
  • Guidance on how to prepare your delicate cargo for air transport – We are happy to send experienced and skilled staff to your premises to consult you
  • Supervision of your shipment from pick-up to delivery and proper handling at every step of the way
  • Arrangement of suitable trucking and special loading equipment, such as cranes

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