CV hazmat

Cargolux's team of experts ensures dangerous goods are safely handled and transported from origin to destination.

Many items, such as household goods, medical equipment, and automobile or aircraft spare parts contain a variety of potentially hazardous substances. Cargolux applies strict procedures throughout the transport process to deliver these shipments safely.

Your dangerous cargo in good hands

Our expertise

Dedicated trained personnel in handling dangerous goods.

Your ideal partner

Acceptance of all PAX and CAO classes in accordance with IATA DGR Regulations.

Operational diligence

Dedicated handling and storage.

Quality assurance

DGR acceptance checklist applied throughout the network.

Adapted handling

Non-temperature and temperature-specific handling in line with the commodity's requirements.

Build up

Mixed with other cargo or exclusive build up to suit your needs, and in accordance with appropriate segregation & separation requirements.

Extensive Road Feeder Service

Standard and exclusive temperature-controlled trucking.

Global coverage

Airport-to-airport service, complemented by direct pick up and/or delivery.

Independently controlled temperature zones

Flexible B747 fleet adapted to transport your hazardous shipments in desired temperature range.

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