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Learning & Development

Sharing our experience and expertise is an essential part of our corporate culture. We aim to invest in the right people to work with us on a long-term basis. We encourage staff wanting to work their way up and who are keen to learn to become experts in their field, in order to develop, evolve and grow together with Cargolux. This encourages us to implement an active policy of training that enables our employees to adapt to technical and organizational developments and to continuously improve their expertise in every related field. 

Training is an important element for the day-to-day functioning of Cargolux. Flight crews and maintenance staff regularly attend courses on the use of new equipment, technologies or the application of new procedures to maintain and upgrade their licenses. Similarly, training courses for Ground Operations staff are essential to be qualified to perform certain functions, such as supervising the loading of an aircraft. These types of training are essential means of ensuring operational flight safety, an area where no compromise can be made.

Cargolux also offers its staff a wide range of training opportunities that allows enhancing skills, capabilities and knowledge, as it enables us to operate safely and efficiently and sustain our success in an increasingly competitive industry.

In 2018, each employee received on average 73 hours of training.