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Working Conditions

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is of a general nature and is not intended to be legally binding for Cargolux in a particular case. Cargolux assumes no responsibility, warranty or liability whatsoever for the above content. Such information may be subject to legislative development and may not in any case supersede applicable laws & regulations, executed employment contract and Collective Working Agreement.

Rosters, Contracts and Routes for First Officers


Temporary according to the Cargolux Collective Working Agreement


Monthly based roster with minimum 12 days off in 2 blocks

  • 7 fixed consecutive days off
  • 5 fixed consecutive days off (6 rosters per year)
  • 5 consecutive days off that can changed for operational reasons subject to notification and compensation rules. (6 rosters per year)


  • Average 1 – 7 day rotations
  • Short, Medium and Long-haul Operations
  • All cargo operations Schedule and ACMI
  • 1 iconic fleet type: Boeing 747-8F/ Boeing 747-400F
  • Highly varied operations and global operations

Basic Salary for First Officers

Individual basic salary is regulated by our Collective Working Agreement (CWA). The current CWA foresees a yearly progression of the basic salary:

Monthly basic salary gross

Competitive salary package – entry salary based on previous experience

  • As Senior First Officer, the monthly gross salary is 6 279,48 EUR (index 855.62)
  • As First Officer, the monthly gross salary is 5 776,72 EUR(index 855.62)
  • As Junior First Officer, the monthly gross salary is 5 329,83 EUR (index 855.62)

Additional Pay

  • Yearly increase in accordance to the Cargolux CWA
  • Per diem, Sunday, Night time and overtime supplements
  • Full 13th month Paid as of the 2nd year, 1st year 25%


42 vacation days – Accumulative to the Off day scheme

Work – Life Balance

Various part-time schemes to balance work and private life, including 2 to 4 extra days off per month or up to 5 rosters off per year.

During the initial training period (approx. 2 months) the gross monthly salary is 3.929,69 € (index 855,62)

As per Luxembourg law, salaries are adjusted in line with the evolution of the cost of living (Indexation): If the consumer price index increases by 2.5 % during the previous semester, salaries are normally adjusted by the same proportion.

Picture: Kevin Fortney

Additional benefits*

  • Supplementary pension scheme
  • Several types of insurance for life, accident and disability
  • World-wide medical & accident coverage with repatriation scheme
  • Profit sharing plan
  • Loss of license insurance
  • Staff travel benefits for employee and his/her immediate family
  • Medical certificate, required license and endorsements renewals
  • Seniority bonus

*Some items may be subject to to qualifying period.

Social security

Pilots operating for Cargolux Airlines International S.A. are affiliated to the Luxembourg social security system according to European regulations.
Luxembourg's social security system is made up to cover and provide income security in the following fields: retirement pension, maternity and parental leave, occupational accident, disability, survivor's insurance, long-term care insurance and early retirement pension. It also provides social and family benefits.
Despite unmatched social benefits, the deductions from the gross salary are among the lowest in the EU at about 11% withholdings.

Health Care

Luxembourg's healthcare system is one of the best in Europe. The state provided healthcare system covers affiliated individuals (resident and non-resident employees) with medical coverage in case of sickness, work-related accidents or illness, maternity, disability and dependency for medical costs and loss of remuneration.
Immediate family members (i.e. spouse and dependents) could also benefit from social security coverage if not themselves affiliated.
For further information, please visit


Employees who have been affiliated at least 12 months in Luxembourg (and at least 10 years within the EU) may benefit at the legal retirement age from the Luxembourg pension allowance according to the time of affiliation in Luxembourg. The benefits of the Luxembourg state pension system typically exceed those of most European countries.

Child & Family allowance

The standard of child and family allowances in Luxembourg is one of the highest within the EU.
As a Cargolux employee, you are entitled to social benefits if you are EU/EFTA resident. As from August 1st 2016, child benefits amount to 265€ per child per month. The amount is not subject to tax in Luxembourg.
If you or the other parent already receive child allowance from another EU country, the Luxembourg government could pay a differential supplement subject to the current regulation.

Applying for family allowance — Citizens — - Administrative Guide - Luxembourg (


Taxes in Luxembourg are relatively low compared to the other European countries. Additionally, some supplements are exempt from tax in Luxembourg.
Taxation depends on the country of residence and the application of a bilateral tax agreement between Luxembourg and your country of residence.  

In case of residency in Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany or Austria, UK, Ireland for instance, Luxembourg is the country of taxation.