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The Selection Process

Picture: Christiaan van Heijst

Application process and pre-employment screening

You will be asked to provide evidence of your professional history including employment dates, company names and addresses of all your previous employers; documentary evidence must be provided for any career gaps. Support will be available throughout the screening process, but it is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information as well as appropriate evidence at all stages of the process.

Your assessment

Cargolux uses a variety of methods to determine who fits our profile. The selection process is fair, objective and comprehensive. Regardless of the outcome, Cargolux Airlines International always offers to provide feed-back concerning your assessment.

Your Recruitment Journey will consist of:

  • Pilot Aptitude tests 
    The psychometric tests are tailored for pilots and have been designed by an Aviation Psychologist. It includes a mandatory phase of preparation prior to the test with online materials.  The tests are conducted in-house at our HQ in Luxembourg.
  • Simulator Screening
    Conducted at our HQ in Luxembourg, it involves approximately 1 hour of briefing and 45 minutes of simulator flying. Preparatory information required for flying the B747-8 and B747-400 simulator will be provided in due time before the simulator screening session. The screening is designed to assess your potential of adaptability, your flying skills as well as your ability to interact effectively with other crewmembers.
  • Assessment Center and Company Interview
    These steps are scheduled during a 2-day period at our HQ in Luxembourg. The assessment center methods involve group exercises, role plays and will be followed by a company interview. The selection panel is composed of experienced pilots, human factors experts and recruitment managers.

Your hiring process

Successful candidates will be contacted by Cargolux to arrange a suitable starting date for both parties or be placed in a pool of positive applications and contacted for future openings.