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Emissions calculator

Cargolux operates one of the most energy-efficient aircraft fleet for long-haul and intercontinental air cargo. The Boeing 747-8 freighter currently ranks as best in its class, both in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Cargolux operates a 747 freighter fleet consisting of the proven 747-400F and the newly developed 747-8F.

The application below allows you to calculate the approximate amount of CO2 that is produced by transporting a shipment of a given size on one of the routings on our network. The calculator currently returns CO2 values for all flights linking our flight destinations. Please enter a valid city pair (from/to) and shipment weight to obtain the result required.

> Emissions Calculator 

Our fleet

Best Aircraft Fleet in Class

Cargolux is proud to operate the most fuel-efficient and quietest long-range wide-body aircraft currently available, the Boeing 747-400 freighter and the 747-8 freighter.

We bought our aircraft new from Boeing to guarantee optimal reliability and state-of-the-art technology for our customers. Cargolux does not own second-hand, converted aircraft that may have already spent a lifetime as passenger aircraft.

The excellent characteristics of our fleet also benefit the environment and the communities around the airports where we operate: we produce less noise and emit less CO2 than many other cargo airlines operating older aircraft types.

Boeing 747-8 freighter: Dawn of a new era

Cargolux was the first airline worldwide to operate the Boeing 747-8 freighter, the next generation of the successful 747 aircraft. This marks a further step-change towards environment-friendly air cargo transport with a further reduction in fuel consumption and a considerable reduction of the aircraft’s noise footprint at take-off.

Our fleet changeover program allows for a complete switch to the 747-8 freighter within six to seven years.

The following animation details the technological advances that make the Boeing 747-8F a benchmark four-engined aircraft in terms of fuel efficiency and quietness for the coming decades.

Quiet Neighbor

Cargolux is aware that its activities affect the communities around the airports it operates from and strives to minimize the impact of these activities as much as possible. The emission of noise is therefore an important area of environmental concern for the company, especially at the airline’s home base in Luxembourg where most of its aircraft movements take place.

Operating the world’s quietest freighter aircraft in its class, both the Boeing 747-400F and the 747-8F, represents a significant measurable improvement for the surrounding communities. Introducing the 747-8F in particular, with its advanced engine technology and new wing design, reduced the 85db take-off noise footprint around airports by another 30%. Both aircraft types in the Cargolux fleet fully comply with the standards of ICAO chapter 4, the most stringent aviation standard.

The animated map below shows the noise level of our current aircraft fleet. Click on the 747-400F or 747-8F buttons to view the progression of the aircraft’s noise footprint as it takes off over Luxembourg City. The map shows the noise footprint at 85dB as well as the wider area where noise up to 75 dB can be heard. 85 dB represents slightly less noise than a food mixer and the 75 dB noise level corresponds to normal city traffic, or to music played on home hi-fi equipment.