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Corporate Responsibility

Message from the CEO

It is undeniable that aviation plays its part in the global climate change. We recognize our responsibility toward the environment in general and on the communities around the airports we serve in particular and accept our obligation to lessen this impact as much as possible.

Operating the most efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft results in a measurable improvement in fuel efficiency as well as a reduction in noise and CO2 emissions. The introduction of the new Boeing 747-8F fleet represents a significant investment for the company in monetary terms but yields excellent results, not only operationally but also for the environment. Communities, especially, benefit from a further 30% reduction in take-off noise compared to the already excellent values that the company’s 747-400 freighters show.

Yet, Cargolux’s various programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions go beyond the operation of a ‘green’ fleet of aircraft and extend to its ground service vehicles, maintenance equipment and office facilities in Luxembourg. Our efforts to lower the environmental impact of our operations are underlined by the fact that the majority of our activities are ISO 14001 certified.

Cargolux is firmly integrated into its neighboring communities, in particular at its hub in Luxembourg. We contribute to their economic strength, securing stable and rewarding employment to many households. Our commitment extends further to promoting education, research, culture and sports activities, as well as supporting humanitarian NGOs.

This section provides further details on our efforts to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment, including an emissions calculator and a walk around the Boeing 747-8 freighter. It also details our activities in the social and educational sphere, both in Luxembourg and globally.

Our staff welcomes any questions you may have on this subject, feel free to contact them through the contact form in this section.

President & CEO

Richard Forson