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CV Precious

Versed in the art of air cargo, Cargolux is your privileged airfreight partner to ship all kinds of valuables and artworks across the globe.

As a longstanding partner of renowned galleries and cultural institutions, Cargolux does not only meet the highest security standards, it sets them!

Safe Handling on the ground and in the air

The variety of artworks or high-precision machineries requires, not only very special high-quality packaging, but also special handling during the entire transportation process!

  • Adapting our processes to artwork transportation means our staff is highly skilled and experienced, able to meet any requirement, no matter the size or nature of your valuable goods
  • Temperature controlled, shock and tilt-sensitive containers are used to transport high-tech commodities (semi-conductors or wafer steppers) in a safe and reliable way
  • Unusual loading requirements are discussed and mapped out with the customer and enforced throughout the transportation chain on the ground and in the air
  • Strict separation of artworks from dangerous goods, liquids or any other critical freight is ensured
  • Lockable storage rooms, temperature control and individualized loading supervision are some of the many security and safety measures we apply to protect artworks and valuable items from damage and theft
  • Ready built ULD’s artworks containers are loaded onto the aircraft without delay and under the attentive supervision of a "courier"
  • Modern Boeing 747 freighters with precise temperature controls allow us to set separately adjustable air-conditioning zones on each flight, thus ensuring an appropriate environment for temperature sensitive art shipments and high-tech commodities
  • Immediate off-loading of artworks after landing and direct transfer to secured cells wherever applicable
  • LE Freeport in Luxembourg offers storage facilities and safes of various sizes to store your works of art, precious metals, wines, antiques, jewels, documents and other valuables in optimal security and preservation conditions. Cargolux is a proud to be a selected partner of LE Freeport

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