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CV Jumbo

We take on the biggest and bulkiest challenges

In today’s world of harmonization and uniformity, the airfreight business frequently finds itself outside the norm and caters for all shapes and sizes. Because outsize cargo involves large and irregular dimensions, loading and off-loading equipment is not straight-forward and only a few freighter aircraft and cargo airlines can take such cargo.

We are the exception and specialized in handling the most difficult loads, thanks to our modern fleet, our experienced, dedicated and expert staff, our extensive ground facilities and our state-of-the-art cargo systems.

Your benefits with Cargolux:

  • Dedicated all-cargo carrier with a large fleet of nose-door equipped Boeing 747 freighters
  • Outsize cargo starts at 6+ m length or 2.4+ m height or width
  • Our aircraft easily accommodate 20m lengths and longer, heights up to 3m and we regularly handle shipments wider than 3.4m
  • Extensive experience with extraordinary items ranging from flight simulators to helicopters, from aircraft engines to mill wheels, from propeller drive shafts to escalators for shopping malls, machinery, vehicles, heavy generators and oil-drilling equipment
  • Shoring experts to offering tailor-made solutions for outsize and heavy shipments
  • Fast and reliable with distinctive time savings over ground transportation
  • Dense cargo up to 27 tons as well as long cargo up to 56 tons can be accomodated on our aircraft

Peace of mind

The handling of oversize items requires the right infrastructure and know-how. In order to ensure a fast and safe delivery, airlines need complete dedication to this unconventional type of transportation and customers are quick to recognize a professional partner. Your peace of mind is our highest priority and we recognize the key requirements for delivering excellence in the handling of outsized pieces:

  • Dedicated and trained staff at both ends of the chain
  • The right equipment
  • A flexible, extensive network

This unique combination of strengths allows us to position ourselves as a foremost player in the outsize cargo market.

A dedicated fleet

Our Boeing 747 freighter aircraft are conceived and designed as dedicated cargo aircraft with essential features for the transportation of outsize cargo that no other aircraft offers:

  • A unique nose cargo door for long pieces
  • Large side cargo door for tall shipments
  • Considerably more cargo capacity on the 747-8F, compared to earlier models

A dedicated team

Cargolux has gained extensive expertise in the handling of outsize and heavy items and has established Cargo Operations Engineering within Global Logistics for special shipments.

  • Careful planning of every outsize or dense shipment by a team of specialists in close coordination with the key departments involved
  • Guidance on how to prepare your delicate cargo for air carriage – We are happy to send experienced and skilled staff to your premises to advise you
  • Supervision of your shipment from pick-up to delivery and proper handling at every step of the way
  • Arrangement of suitable trucking and special loading equipment, such as cranes

On the Road

  • Expert road feeder services on all continents
  • One of the most extensive trucking networks in Europe
  • Direct collection from and delivery to consignees’ facilities anywhere in the world
  • Specialized equipment and vehicles
  • Ability to accommodate any type of shipment on almost any routing

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