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CV Hazmat

The range of industrial and commercial goods able to pose a health or safety hazard is on the rise and becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Apparently innocuous items, such as household goods, medical equipment and automobile or aircraft spare parts contain a wide variety of potentially hazardous substances. Yet, every day, we carry flammable, corrosive, toxic, spontaneously combustible or infectious substances, as well as explosives, oxidants, poisonous goods, cryogenic liquids, magnetized and radioactive materials swiftly, safely and efficiently.

Optimum safety for product and environment

We give you peace of mind while we move your dangerous goods around the world:

  • More than 40 years of experience in the handling of dangerous goods by expert load control and trained handling staff
  • Fleet of Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 freighters designed to accommodate all types of dangerous goods, including those items that must exclusively fly on cargo aircraft
  • Fast transit through the Luxembourg cargo centre with short distances between storage facilities and aircraft
  • Specially constructed storage areas fitted with alarms and emergency equipment, minimizing the risk of damage during handling, as well as injury to workers and the environment in the event of spillage and leakage
  • Strict adherence to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, approved by ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization

A dual responsibility

While shippers must comply with the requirements for packing, marking, labeling and documentation, our team of experts ensures that dangerous goods are correctly and safely handled at origin, in transit and at destination.

  • Worldwide support of dangerous goods shipments by our ground handling agents
  • Trained and certified staff in accordance with local and international requirements
  • We are licensed for acceptance, storage and loading of dangerous goods of all categories
  • Dangerous goods travel safely and in full compliance with international dangerous goods regulations

Safety in the air

Luxembourg-based Cargolux, the largest all-cargo carrier in Europe, is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality, worldwide scheduled and charter air cargo services.

We continually invest in infrastructure and systems to keep pace with customer expectations and market developments:

  • Spacious cargo holds allow strict segregation of incompatible dangerous goods as well as separation from other sensitive cargo
  • Sidewalks on the main deck ensure that dangerous goods are accessible even during the flight
  • Independently adjustable air conditioning zones offer the required temperature and environment for all types of dangerous goods

Your benefits with Cargolux

  • Customized onforwarding solutions worldwide
  • Scheduled services
  • Global and extensive network of destinations
  • Wide range of offices on all continents
  • Modern 747-8 and 747-400 freighters with precise temperature control
  • Non-stop long-haul flights. A further benefit for all ground travel through Luxembourg: direct and virtually traffic-free access to Europe’s motorway network
  • Automated shipment tracking and tracing via

Please download our CV Hazmat brochure here

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