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CV Classic

If you think general cargo doesn’t require specialists, think again. For 45 years, Cargolux has dedi- cated expertise and experience to the transport of general cargo on purpose-built freighter aircraft. With attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship, Cargolux has become Europe’s number one supplier of quality air cargo services. Fast, reliable, across continents and all major manufactur- ing regions. Cargolux takes care of your general cargo with competence, a passionate team and the best possible equipment. We fly to the right destinations at the right time to support your demanding transportation needs. You name it, we fly it.

CV classic

CV classic meets the needs of any air cargo shipment that requires fast, reliable and expert handling throughout the transportation chain. Our constant drive for excellence has enabled us to establish seamless processes while our modern fleet of Boeing 747-8F allows us to cater for shipments of all sizes and of all kind even the most demanding ones!

We bring as much attention to general cargo as we do to our dedicated products

  • Dedicated, experienced and highly trained staff worldwide
  • Non-stop long-haul flights
  • Fast and efficient operations on the ground and in the air
  • Short acceptance and fast delivery times
  • Goods transported in accordance to IATA regulations
  • Consistent handling standards worldwide with a global network of partners
  • Automated shipment tracking

Cutting-edge benefits

We strongly believe in delivering excellence through constant innovation and constant investment into state-of-the-art equipment. As such, Cargolux was the world’s first operator of both efficient and purpose-built Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 freighters. Coupled with an exten- sive network of worldwide destinations we offer a unique mix of benefits for any type of shipment.

  • Modern and energy-efficient fleet (Boeing 747F) with precise temperature control
  • Over 90 flight destinations and 177 trucking destinations in over 55 countries with over 85 offices worldwide
  • Constant and transparent communication with customers

Our Hub: The Luxair cargo center

At our Luxembourg hub, we benefit from the high-quality service offering of one of Europe’s most advanced and best equipped airfreight handling centers. Everything has been designed to make acceptance, transfer and delivery processes as smooth and efficient as possible.

Purpose-built as a dedicated air freight platform the distances between warehouse and tarmac are extremely short thus enabling the swift movement of goods from aircraft to dedicated and secured storage premises.

  • Annual capacity 1.2 million tonnes
  • 85,500 m2 warehouse space
  • 113 truck docks and ample truck parking positions
  • 35 pallet breakdown and 49 pallet build-up stations
  • Fully-automated stacker system with 1,640 ULD positions
  • Dedicated AVI stations, live animal inspection rooms and veterinary facilities
  • With our purpose-built temperature-controlled pharmaceutical and healthcare storage facilities in Luxembourg, we are able to offer the world’s first fully GDP certified airfreight platform

Please download our CV Classic brochure here

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