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Archives 2015

Luxembourg, 17 December 2015
Cargolux begins hiring process for 100 new pilots

Cargolux Airlines continues on the path of growth and begins the hiring and training process for 100 new pilots in Luxembourg. 52 candidates have already been selected and Cargolux plans to begin the training process for 8 candidates per month from January until July 2016. 

Luxembourg, 16 December 2015
Cargolux and OGB-L, LCGB and CLSC come to an agreement

After repeated meetings in the last 24 hours, an amicable agreement on the new CWA for the staff of Cargolux Airlines was finally achieved between all concerned parties; the Cargolux Management and the unions OGB-L, CLSC and LCGB. The new CWA will be valid for three years. 

Luxembourg, 16 December 2015
Cargolux welcomes EU Generation Court decision in Air Cargo case

Cargolux Airlines International S.A. welcomes the decision of the General Court of the European Union delivered today, annulling articles 1 to 5 of the European Commission’s 2010 decision in the alleged air freight cartel, including the full annulment of the €79.9 million fine previously levied on Cargolux. 

Luxembourg, 09 December 2015
LCGB Negates its CWA Principle Agreement with Cargolux

Today’s collective work agreement (CWA) talks between Cargolux management and the unions were cut short after LCGB surprisingly backtracked on the principle agreement reached on 1 December. They declared unexpectedly to all participants that they considered the negotiations had failed as management was not prepared to accept their demands. 

Luxembourg, 08 December 2015
Cargolux appoints new Regional Director Africa

Cargolux is pleased to announce that Jonathan Clark will join the company on 1 February 2016 as its new Regional Director Africa, based in Johannesburg. 

Luxembourg, 01 December 2015
Cargolux Management and Unions Seal a Pact for the Future

The Cargolux management and its social partners OGBL and LCGB have achieved a major breakthrough in today’s round of negotiations on a new collective work agreement (CWA) for the airline’s staff. It clears the road to growth and financial sustainability, sealing a strong pact for the future of the Cargolux Group where all parties underline that they share a common vision for stability, sustainable growth and prosperity at Cargolux. 

Luxembourg, 27 November 2015
Cargolux Board approves 100 additional pilot jobs in Luxembourg

Amidst the background of ongoing discussions with the unions about a new collective work agreement, the Cargolux Board of Directors has approved a significant expansion strategy for the company in its meeting of 25 November. 

Luxembourg, 12 November 2015
Cargolux Management and Unions make progress on CWA

The management of Cargolux Airlines met with representatives of OGBL and LCGB on November 11th, for another round of negotiations on the conclusion of a new collective work agreement. A principle agreement was reached with both unions affecting 750 ground staff, totaling 62% of all employees in Luxembourg covered by the CWA. 

Milan, 21 October 2015
Cargolux Italia steps up Zhengzhou flights

Cargolux Italia has introduced a second weekly flight between Milan and Cargolux’s Chinese hub Zhengzhou in October. Flight C8 8777 leaves Milan on Sunday mornings at 11:50h and is again routed via Novosibirsk. When Cargolux Italia introduced the first Zhengzhou flight in June, it also marked the first commercial Cargolux service to Russia. 

Luxembourg, 16 October 2015
Cargolux appoints Jason Holt as new Post Holder Flight Operations

Cargolux Airlines has appointed Jason Holt as its new Nominated Person Flight Operations. As the new post holder, Jason Holt succeeds Wieger Ketellapper, who will fully concentrate on the development of the planned joint venture airline in Zhengzhou, China. The change took effect on 15 October, following the approval of Luxembourg’s Civil Aviation Authority.