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Beluga Transport

One of Cargolux’s most exciting projects is currently underway as we prepare for a ground-breaking flight to relocate two beluga whales from an entertainment park in China to the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary in Iceland. We are honored to have been approached by SeaLife Trust and its project partner Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to operate this flight, and our teams throughout the company have been working tirelessly to ensure a seamless trip for Little Grey and Little White.

The departure date is set for mid-April and as the deadline approaches, excitement mounts at our involvement in this incredible project. The belugas have spent almost a year preparing for this epic 10,000 kilometers journey by land, air, and sea to their new home. The bulk of the transport, the flight itself, will be operated on board our 747-400ERF aircraft, LX-ECV that has been specially branded as a tribute to this extraordinary initiative.

As well as a pioneering initiative in terms of marine life conservation, this project is also a testament of Cargolux’s engagement towards animal welfare. Promoting ethical operations ranks highly on our agenda and initiatives such as this put us on the forefront of an industry-wide environmental awareness movement.

We look forward to sharing this successful journey and seeing these majestic mammals enjoy the wild once again. 

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Media Release

Belugas on board – SEALIFE Trust and Cargolux join forces for an epic journey to the world’s first open water whale sanctuary (click here to read the media release)