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Build a bridge between Yulu and harvest sincere friendship

Dr. Marc Hübsch, Ambassador of Luxembourg to China

Journalist: Luan Shan

On April 13, at the global promotion of Henan Province of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Marc Hübsch, Ambassador of Luxembourg to China, said in an interview with our reporter that although the partnership between Luxembourg and Henan is still relatively young, he did not hesitate to believe that Luxembourg and Henan has built a sincere friendship and has achieved fruitful results.  

Dr. Marc Hübsch said that cooperation between Luxembourg and Henan, especially in the field of air logistics, can be expressed in terms of "amazing development".    

Henan Civil Aviation Development Investment Co., Ltd. holds a 35% stake in Cargolux Airlines International. The two sides have determined and further promoted the Dual-hub Strategy between Zhengzhou and Luxembourg. On June 14, 2017, when President Xi Jinping met with Luxembourg Prime Minister Bertel in the Great Hall of the People, he clearly put forward China's support for the construction of the Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Air Silk Road". Since then, the partnership between the two sides has made remarkable progress, not only in developing air logistics, but also in expanding cooperation in economic and trade industries, financial services, cultural exchanges and other fields. For example, on the basis of actively promoting the development of China Railway Express from Zhengzhou to Luxembourg, also promote the distribution of goods in Europe; assist Yutong Bus Company to open a sales office in Luxembourg, and then promote electric buses in Europe; jointly open the exhibition of historical and cultural relics of Henan in Luxembourg to show the Central Plains culture in Europe.          

Dr. Marc Hübsch said that Luxembourg is very interested in Chinese tourists, and the potential of both sides’ tourism resources has not been fully tapped. Luxembourg Tourist Visa (Zhengzhou) Convenient Service Platform will be unveiled in Zhengzhou recently. The Luxembourg Embassy in China is actively promoting the opening of the Zhengzhou-Luxembourg Intercontinental Passenger Line, thus enhancing the humanistic exchanges between Henan and Luxembourg through visa facilitation and passenger flight.

The full article (in Chinese) can be found here:  Henan Daily News 2018 - Article .