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Cargolux Mechanic's Apprenticeship Program

Cargolux is giving you the chance to become an Aircraft Mechanic!

Cargolux currently employs around 350 aircraft mechanics. They maintain and repair our fleet of Boeing 747 freighters, as well as the aircraft of our maintenance customers.

These mechanics are highly qualified and have undergone extensive training. Many of them were trained in Luxembourg, and obtained their internationally recognized EASA Aircraft Maintenance License Part-66 (AML) by following a Cargolux sponsored curriculum at the Lycée Technique Emile Metz in Luxembourg-City.

If you are interested in becoming an aircraft mechanic and joining the program you fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • be a student aged 18 years at least,
  • hold a technicians' diploma, a DAP/ DT or have completed a 12th year at technical school with specialization in electro-mechanics or similar,
  • good English knowledge,
  • demonstrate excellent attendance, punctuality and behavior (both at school and at the working place),
  • aim to evaluate your capacity for logical thinking, general school knowledge level,
  • be confident, motivated and committed,
  • be hardworking and able to work with others as we operate within varied and sometimes large teams,
  • have a passion for the world of aviation.


After successful completion of your apprenticeship you will receive an EASA Part-66 Cat. B1.1 AML (Aircraft Maintenance License) (2 years).
The apprenticeship consists of classroom-based studies at the Lycée Technique Prive Emile Metz, and practical work at Cargolux.

Successful students are awarded an Aircraft Maintenance License that is recognized in all countries of the European Union as well as a Luxembourg end-of-school certificate (Diplôme de Technicien). The apprentice will be highly trained and will have gained airline experience, knowledge and technical skills. However, 3 to 5 years of additional work experience are still necessary before the Junior Mechanic becomes a fully operational Cargolux Mechanic.

Career options

Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you may have the opportunity of a permanent position within Cargolux. Further possibilities for career development are available, leading with time to the position of Assistant Lead, Lead, Foreman or Supervisor, as well as other positions in the technical field.

How to apply?

We accept applications for mechanic apprenticeships every year from May until June. Applicants will be contacted between 2 and 3 weeks after receipt and careful consideration of their application. In case of a positive reply, the candidate will be invited for an interview and additional tests. The Mechanic´s Apprenticeship Program always starts in September of the same year.


Should you have any further questions regarding our Mechanic´s Apprenticeship Program, please don´t hesitate to contact Recruitment Services.