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Corporate Responsibility

Message from the CEO

The Cargolux Group is committed to corporate social responsibility. We strive to always do our best in this important area of business, and we encourage and support suppliers who follow CSR principles. While most organizations are coming to understand and respect the need for environmental and socially responsible measures, we need more than respect. We need deep and abiding accountability.

Here, at Cargolux, we have been committed to tangible action and reporting against our CSR’s Key Performance Indicators, since 2008. This CSR report provides details of our work in sustainability and social responsibility over the past year, and of ongoing programs that are fundamental to making a difference for our company, the community, and the environment.

Central to our Cargolux 2025 strategy are 3 pillars: Strategic Measures, Business Process Review and the Digital Roadmap. These goals are reflected in virtually all activities we undertake, especially within the context of CSR. Ultimately, our main responsibility is to ensure the continuity and sustainability (financial, environmental and social) of the organization.

Among our CSR successes this year are progress in noise abatement, reducing fuel consumption, pilot support and development, automation and digitalization, and improved collaboration.

I am thankful and appreciative of all of our employees, who show such confidence and pride in our organization and who are also confident of their abilities and committed to influencing the future. I am proud and grateful to be associated with a team that puts energy and enthusiasm into caring for the environment as well as our financial sustainability. I applaud the many people in Cargolux who are mobilizing around CSR principles, and the Sustainable Development Goals. Every day we see that positive environmental and social measures are good for us, good for our customers and, indeed, good for our business.

President & CEO

Richard Forson