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RfQ North America

RFQ for RFS and offline handling services in North America

To whom it may concern,

Cargolux Airlines International S.A will have a RFQ (request for quotation) process for its RFS (road feeder service) and offline handling services in North America.

The North American region a key area of operation to Cargolux. The area includes 14 stations with Houston, TX serving as our regional headquarter. All stations are an integral part of our schedule with aircraft arriving from Europe and Asia up to 300 times per month. On top, a vast trucking network complements the stations served by air offering our customers a unique all cargo network.

RFQ Process

As per Cargolux Airlines International procurement policy, we will initiate the process as per below time schedule.

Timeline of the RFQ


Completion Date

Release of Invitation letter inc NDA for Road feeder Services North America RFQ

28th September 2018

Response by LSP with signed NDA

19th October 2018

Release of full document for Road feeder Services North America RFQ

22nd October 2018

LSP questions to the RFQ team

02nd November 2018

Answers to LSP questions published

09th November 2018

Submission of LSP RFQ response

23rd November 2018

Commencement of Face to Face meetings with LSPs

3rd December 2018

Closure of final selection process and awards of business

15th January 2019

Final contract signatures and implementation planning

31st of January 2019

First operational Go-Lives based on successful implementation

01st of March 2019


The Logistics Service Provider (LSP) interested in participating in the RFQ is required to send an e-mail to to obtain the NDA.