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Recruitment Process

The first step of your application is choosing the right job for your profile. Please read the job description, you are interested in, carefully and assess whether it matches your experience, competencies and interest. To fully evaluate your candidacy and in order to get a full view of your competencies, please make sure that you have a CV and a Cover Letter in English language prepared to upload. Furthermore please provide the necessary certificates which are specific to the position you want to apply for.

All applications are treated with absolute confidentiality. We will evaluate your candidacy entirely fair, objective, serious and comprehensive.

Tips for your recruitment journey

  • Check if your CV and Cover letter are in English and if you have all the necessary certificates (school / university degrees, relevant training certificates, etc.) ready to upload
  • Check your CV if it is tailored to the role you want to apply to and make sure it is accurate, honest and up-to-date
  • Check if your CV contains all the necessary information, e.g. personal details, contact details, area code etc.
  • Your CV should be easy to read and give a good impression of your experience, skills and competencies (if necessary add some bullet points to relevant previous experience in order to explain your tasks but be careful to keep it simple)
  • Before submitting your application we would recommend to review the documents to make sure they are accurate, up-to-date, error-free and mirror what you want to share with us about yourselves