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Biographical / Behavioral Interview

To evaluate your experience and skills we use different methods. If we consider your profile as interesting for the respective position we will call you in for a first interview. During this interview we will ask biographical and behavioral questions.

The biographical part of the interview contains a discussion about your CV. That means that we will ask you to present yourself, your studies and employment history. We want to find out about your career history, achievements and your motivation. It might be worth thinking about what is driving you within your career path and why are you interested in joining Cargolux.

To find out more about your personality and motivation we will also use behavioral questions. That means that you might be asked to comment specific work related situations.

For us an interview is not just a one way street, but a two way process. We want to give you the opportunity to find out if the job you are going to be interviewed for actually matches your expectations. At the end of each interview you will get the chance to ask all the questions you might have. 

During your interview we will try our best to put you at ease. We understand that an interview might be a bit daunting, as for most professionals it is a special situation. We see ourselves not just as recruiters but as your potential future colleagues. Therefore it is really important to get to know you, your experience, competencies and your personality.

Tips for your interview

  • Review the job advertisement and inform yourself about our business and operations.
  • Make sure that you arrive on time. In case you face any difficulties, please give us a call to inform us.
  • Use your time to prepare yourself for the interview.
  • Be honest!


Each of our recruitment processes is unique and tailor-made to the position. To assess whether or not a candidate is right for the specific vacancy, we might use different tools as a follow-up of the first interview.
Please find below a sample of tools we eventually use within your recruitment journey:

  • Personality & Behavioral questionnaires
  • Logical questionnaires
  • Position and task related tests
  • Case studies
  • Presentations
  • Ability tests, such as numerical reasoning
  • Role plays for effective team work
  • Practical test to measure your professional skills