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City of Bertrange (Bartreng)

The City of Bertrange is located in south-western Luxembourg. It is home to the National Research Center for Archeology and the Schauwenburg Castle which has a history dating back to the Middle Ages.

City of Contern (Conter)

The City of Contern has a rich culture full of well-known traditions like the “Festival de la Bande dessinée”, a cartoon festival.  The name of the town has Celtic origin and the history goes back to pre-Roman times.

City of Diekirch (Dikrich)

The City of Diekirch is situated in the north-east of Luxembourg, situated on the banks of the Sauer River. The main buildings of the Luxembourg army are situated in this city. Furthermore, Diekirch is home to a brewery of national importance carrying the city's name.

City of Dudelange (Diddeleng)

The City of Dudelange is the third biggest city in Luxembourg with more than 19.730 inhabitants and is situated near the French border. The town is one of the most important industry locations of the country and was the former production site of the steel group ARBED.

City of Echternach(Iechternach)

The City of Echternach is located in the east of the country near the German border and is the oldest town in Luxembourg. It is well known for the Echternach dancing procession, which is even UNESCO Cultural World Heritage.

City of Esch-sur-Alzette(Esch-Uelzecht)

The City of Esch-sur-Alzette is the second biggest city in Luxembourg with a population of more than 33.280 inhabitants. The former industrial city is nowadays home of many cultural institutions and the new location of the University of Luxembourg.

City of Ettelbrück (Ettelebréck)

The City of Ettelbrück is situated in the heart of the Grand Duchy and is the biggest town in the north of the country. The local Christmas market is the oldest in Luxembourg and the agricultural fair attracts over 30.000 visitors every year.

City of Grevenmacher (Gréiwemaacher)

The City of Grevenmacher is located near the German border and situated on the left bank of the Moselle River in a wine growing region. The town is one site of the six regional headquarters of the Grand Ducal Police.

City of Luxembourg(Stad Lëtzebuerg)

The City of Luxembourg is the capital of the Grand Duchy and also the country’s biggest city with a population of about 111.280 inhabitants, whereof almost 69% are not Luxembourgish. The capital is the seat of several institutions of the European Union, including the European Court of Justice, and it is also an important financial center. The old town and the ancient quarters are part of the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage.

City of Niederanven (Nidderaanwen)

The City of Niederanven is situated in the south of the country and has a Roman past. Part of the Luxembourg-Findel International Airport is located within the city. It is also a founding member of the Douzelage, a unique town twinning association of 24 towns across the European Union.

City of Pétange (Péiteng)

The City of Pétange is situated in south-western Luxembourg and lies on the borders with both Belgium and France. The town is influenced by the steel industry and nowadays a lot of manufacturing companies are located there.

City of Rédange-sur-Attert (Réiden un de Attert)

The City of Rédange-sur-Attert is located in the west of the Grand Duchy, near the Belgium border, on the Attert River, a tributary of the Alzette. The town is the birthplace of Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission and the former Prime Minister of Luxemburg.

City of Sandweiler

The City of Sandweiler is situated in the south of the country. It is home to a German war cemetery with 10.913 graves of fallen soldiers in the Luxemburgish-Belgian and Luxemburgish-German border area during the Second World War. It is also the home of the Luxembourg airport “Findel”.

City of Troisvierges (Ëlwen)

The City of Troisvierges is located in the northernmost commune of Luxembourg. The town is known for being the site of the start of hostilities on the Western Front in the First World War. Major parts of the inhabitants are from Portugal or Belgium.

City of Vianden (Veianen)

The City of Vianden is situated in the north-west of the country near to the German border. Due to the Vianden castle and the beautiful location in the Our valley it is one of the most important and popular tourist towns in Luxembourg.

City of Walferdange(Walfer)

The City of Walferdange is located in the center of Luxembourg, in the Alzette valley. Until 2015 parts of the University of Luxembourg were based in the town. In former times gypsum mines were an important industrial sector for Walferdange.

Spirit of Schengen

Schengen is a small village in far south-eastern Luxembourg, near the tripoint where the borders of Germany, France and Luxembourg meet. The Schengen Agreement, a treaty which led to the creation of Europe's borderless Schengen Area, was signed in this town. The international convention allowed opening of the borders and thus the free circulation of inhabitants. The spirit of Schengen reflects the cross-border cooperation of states.

City of Zhengzhou

The City of Zhengzhou lies on the southern bank of the Yellow River and is the provincial capital of Henan Province in east-central China. With its population of 9.378.000 inhabitants it is one of the main built up areas of Henan region. As a prefecture-level city, it serves as political, economic, technological and educational center of the province, as well as a major transportation hub for Central China, which is also very important for Cargolux.

JoeSutter – Father of the Boeing 747

Joe Sutter is a former engineer for the Boeing Airplane Company and manager of the design team for the Boeing 747 aircraft type that Cargolux is operating with. Due to his great work he was later called the father of the Boeing 747.

Monte Cervino (Matterhorn)

The Monte Cervino is a 4.478 m high mountain in the Alps, straddling the main watershed and border between Switzerland and Italy. It is a huge and near-symmetrical pyramidal peak, making it one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe.

Monte Rosa

The Monte Rosa is a 4.634 m high ice-covered mountain massif located in the eastern part of the Pennine Alps, between Switzerland and Italy. It is the highest mountain of Switzerland and also the second highest mountain of the Alps and Western Europe.

Monviso (Monte Viso)

The Monviso, 3.841 m high and situated in Italy close to the French border, is the highest mountain of the Cottian Alps. It is well known for its pyramid-like shape and because it is higher than all its neighboring peaks.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo are three battlement-like peaks in the Sexten Dolomites of north-eastern Italy. The summits are one of the most famous mountain groups in the Alps and they are a part of the linguistic boundary between German-speaking and Italian-speaking majorities.