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Cargo iQ

Cargo iQ refers to a joint effort by a group of airlines, forwarders and today an IATA interest group, aiming at improving the work processes in the air cargo transportation from the shipper through to the consignee (door-to-door).

The main objective of this ambitious project is to implement processes, backed by quality standards that are measurable and supported by data. The overall aim is to improve the efficiency of the air cargo flow, thus enhancing customer service levels and reducing operational costs.

The improvement is being achieved by the development of a Master Operating Plan (MOP) which outlines the exchange of booking and operational data between forwarders and airlines from the original booking is placed all the way through to the delivery at consignee’s door. On top of the MOP Cargo iQ also embraces a quality management system including monthly publication of operational performance figures provided by the participants, making it clear to what degree the participants have been able to honor the transport agreements they have entered (delivered as promised).

Today, Cargo iQ members measure their ‘delivery as promised’ performance according to a standard methodology for more than 800,000 shipments airport-to-airport monthly.

Cargolux, whose main drive is to constantly improve customer satisfaction, has supported this initiative since its launch in 1995. In 2002, the Executive Committee of Cargolux officially restated our company’s commitment to the implementation of measurable standards enacted by the Cargo iQ interest group.

"Cargolux is committed to constantly improving customer satisfaction. Efficient movement of cargo on the ground and in the air while under our control and transparent communication with our customers are an integral part of this objective."

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