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Equality & Diversity

As an international player with a global presence, Cargolux benefits from the cultural diversity of a multinational workforce. We believe that such diversity is an asset that contributes to our success.

The 1,389 employees in Luxembourg alone represent as many as 44 different nationalities, while the entire workforce of 1,856 individuals is composed of 65 nationalities. This is an important element that greatly helps the company to understand and adapt to cultures and customs throughout the world.

With merely 20% of the employees being female, Cargolux is clearly a male-dominated company. This gender gap is caused by the fact that our two largest groups of employees, aircraft mechanics and pilots, are professions that are known to predominantly attract men. However, we actively encourage women to apply for these positions. 2 out of 16 members of the Company’s Board of Directors are female.

We have defined no minority groups, as no difference is made between the staff.