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Why choose Cargolux
With business activities around the globe and close to 1500 employees representing more than 40 nationalities, Cargolux can truly be described as a multinational, multicultural and multilingual workplace.

We at Cargolux believe that this diversity is one of our most valuable assets that contributes to our success.

People at Cargolux are driven by their professional dedication to perform their job while sharing our core values:

  • Acting as a team

  • At Cargolux, we depend on each other in order to perform our job and our mission effectively. Working together as a team makes Cargolux strong, stimulates diversity of ideas and brings out the best in all of us.

  • Performing high standards

  • We are all very customer focused, strive for excellence and consistently set high standards that drive our performance in all our activities and behaviors.

  • Delivering on promises

  • Delivering on our promises is another key element of Cargolux’ business success. We act reliable and responsible towards our colleagues, stakeholders and business partners. After all, our future and our long-term growth depend on customer satisfaction. Providing reliable service is our guarantee of success.

Cargolux people are all specialists in their field. They take care of cargo (selling space or arranging for quality ground services), aircraft maintenance, finance, flight operations, information technologies or administration.

We are looking for people to help us achieving our missions and business goals and to fulfill our valued customer’s expectations.

Whatever their field, we consider our staff here at Cargolux to be a most valuable asset and a critical driver of future business success.

Career Evolution at Cargolux
Sharing our experience and expertise is an essential part of our corporate culture. We aim to invest in the right people to work with us on a long-term basis, that want to work their way up and who are keen to learn and to become experts in their field, in order to develop, evolve and grow together with Cargolux. Hence we implemented an active policy of training that enables our employees to adapt to technical and organizational developments and to continuously improve their expertise in every related field.

Cargolux promotes a global mobility and offers its employees the possibility to move in their career either in different areas or countries. This is certainly one of the main reasons why we keep our staff highly motivated all along their career path.